TurboPower turbo charger for Moto Phones

₹ 370.00
TurboPower wall charger 2.8A for Motorola Phones (G4 plus, G5 Plus, E3, E4, Moto X Play and other phones with Turbo Charge Facility). Compatible with all other smartphones / tablets with micro USB port. TurboCharge facility (Upto 60% in 15 minutes in Motorola Phones).
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  • Turbo Charger with 2.8 A Power output
  • Compatible with Moto Phones (G4+, G5+, X Play, E3, etc) with Turbo Charge Function and all other phones with Micro USB
  • Charges up to 60 % in 15 minutes. Best for EMergency charging. Better than normal fast chargers with 2.5A. This charger has 2.8 A Output.
  • Color - Black, Cable included (Non Detachable). Port - Micro USB.